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We-Media Era

Born in this age, we do really don’t know we are lucky or unfortunate. On one side, we are very lucky is that we can enjoy all the benefits that high-tech brings for us. Every field is the beneficiary such as aerospace, education, pharmaceuticals, communication and so on. We don’t need to suffer any inconvenience in our life because all the things we can be done at home and just a snap of finger can get what we need and want. On the other hand, we are unfortunate is that we lose of many good memories with our friends, family and loved ones. Because we do everything through our internet, and we seems have less time to play or date or communicate with others. It is a pity, we put all our time indulge in this illusionary world but not the real world.

All these reason is because we are in the We-Media Era. And you will ask me what’s We-Media Era? It means we can reporting news by personal dissemination via electronic media. Everyone has a microphone, everyone is a reporter and everyone is news disseminator.

However, when this brings us lots of conveniences there is also some potential dangers around us.

If your employee send out the secrets of your company through the internet, what would you think? Therefore, in order to prevent this behavior, you should use a Wi-Fi jammer or mobile phone jammer to protect your firm or institution from unnecessary loses.