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Keep Your Brain Active

My dear friends,are you feel tried? Are you feel that your brain becomes stupid? Are you feel that your memory is worse and worse? Are you feel that your body functions are not as good as before? Are you feel that…

You wanna to learn the reasons, well, in the age of information, there are many reasons that contributed to your bad feelings and one of the most significant one is that technology! We rely on technology excessively, they can make our body functions degenerate gradually. And according to Daily Post Mail, everyday for two hours busy of your body and mind can keep your away from the dementia which is caused by drugs.

Some simple activities such as crossword puzzles, gardening, singing songs as well as yoga, etc. can help the healthy of our brain and keep away from dementia.

And some believe that the internet and computer software are making humans more stupid or show. So, for our health’s sake, we should keep away from our smartphone and tablet as much as possible. Or you can use a mobile phone jammer or Wi-Fi jammer to be your best assistant.