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How Long

In the age of E-Time, we are lucky enough to share this wonderful life. Because with rapid development of technology and science, we are the beneficiaries. Electronic era is amazing that just as someone had said it can do everything for you, there is only unexpected things for you but nothing can be done. Because the pioneers of our times are always thinking before us.

Therefore, we are experience the bombings of technology time and time again and we do really never think of that. And one of the most impressive is Apple’s products in recent years.

However, when we are immersing in this happy and fantasy world, have you ever notice that there is something that you ignored? My dear friend, can you still remember how long have you not communicate with your friends or parents vis-a-vis? How long have you not write a letter to your loved ones? How long have you not hug or kiss your kids or spouse? How long have you not…

I do not to embarrass you anyway, my friends, all I do is just wanna to remind you that you should put down those so-called high-tech products and enjoy your rare opportunity to stay with your family!

If you are worry about your kids won’t match your idea, may be you should to prepare a Wi-Fi jammer or cell phone jammer in advance.

Marry Christmas!