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Watch out Your Tablet

Now, computers or laptops are out of date fo most young people, because they have their new favorite―tablet. And among those tablets, Apple is always on the top of them. It is so cool, so fashion and attractive, no one can ignore the charming light form it. And at first sight, many people will fall in love with her.

Well, when you are immersed yourself in this delicate and beautiful gadget, have you ever think of your body? May be you will say, my body is very well, and this tiny device can put anywhere if you want.

You get me wrong, my dear friends. Have you ever heard of computer disease? You must know it. And now, with the popular of tablet, another disease has came with is tablet disease. You will ask what’s table disease. It means a series disease of healthy problems that bring by tablet. On our daily life, we use it everywhere. And the long time of looking down will cause many diseases such as eye disease, cervical spondylosis and myotenositis and so on.

So, you should really be very careful of your healthy and develop a good habit to prevent this disease. As a matter of fact, if you can play less with tablet, it will be your best choice. However, sometimes it is hard for you to do so, therefore, may be a Wi-Fi jammer can help you. For your healthy sake, never play a long time with your tablet.