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Hey, Let’s Go to the LAN Party

As a zealot of party, you will definitely not miss any party around you. Well, actually if you are invited. As a trendsetter, you must have already been participating all kinds of parties, such as the most common one birthday party, business party, dancing party, dinner party, rave party as well as New Year Party and Beach Party Craze, bachelor party and so on.

You will say proudly that all these kinds of parties I have already been and it is wonderful. However, my dear friend, how you ever been to a LAN party? Even as Party Queen or Party King you are not familiar with this party, or may be you never heard of this party before.

Well, it is fine, because this is also the first time for me to hear of this new party. And I find this is a very funny party than all the others. A LAN party is an extraordinary party for you. This is a party that originates from game but on the other hand beyond game. You can fully enjoy the happiness that game bring for you and you can learn form each other. This party emphasizes more on the positivity of the participates, and all game players come here just for sharing their hobbies. When you relax yourself you will find it is really doesn’t matter of profit and loss, it becomes not that important.

So, joining in this party this really an awesome thing and you will feel very happy that you never felt before compared with the previous parties. But it will be very disappointed if all of you are playing happily with each other but some people just sit there play with their smartphone. And at this time, if you can use a 3G cell phone jammer they will join you!