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IE 9 Will Be Launched in Next Year

This is really a good news for the Windows users because Microsoft will release its automatic update function of its IE which means that Microsoft IE will adopt a way to renew itself automatically to enhance the installation rates of IE 9 so that the IE6 will be eliminated gradually.

Actually, as early as September this year, the developer of Google Chrome Alex Russell had said that IE6 was one the existing problem in recent and as well as a problem of browser market. At the time IE6 was releasing, it was the best but that was ten years ago. And now, the market has a big change. So that we are developing the tools of Chrome Frame to help the users get rid of IE6.

As they said all they want is to guarantee Windows users can obtain the latest and most safety browse browsing experience. And they believe IE9 will be the best browser for enterprise users. And in January next year, they will first try for the Australia and Brazil users. So you will have a nice experience with the IE9!

However, if you are afraid of your kids will play with it to excess, may be you have to prepare a Wi-Fi jammer in advance.