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How about Your Privacy

Well, for the most Chinese, this Christmas is somewhat a little tough. You will say:”well, I don’t think so, because in this Christmas, many of them came to other counties and bought lots of good, especially luxury goods, they just like nothing but shopaholic! So how dare you say that they do not have a wonderful festival? They seems happier than us, even this is our own festival. It is really strange.”

Well, for those overseas people, it looks that way. However, for those who are in its own country, they confront a big problem―information disclosing! The fact is that many internet user’s private information has been released. Their confidential information was published on the internet which including their real name, account, password and contact information and so on. What’s more, not only one website is being hacked but other famous Chinese websites suffered the same situation. So far, as more than 100 million people’s private information has been leaked out! It is terrible and very dangerous!

This event causes a thought-provoking about the safety of internet. How to protect our own privacy? If produce the release outside information should by whose quote? And who should pay for the loss of the victims…

Well, at the moment the Chinese do not come up a good solution to deal with this event and this is a warning for us, we should be very careful about our private information, especially when we do something on the internet. Or may be just a Wi-Fi jammer can protect your privacy!