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Enjoy Classical Theater Once Again

Can you remember how long have you not enjoy a classical theater? I know you are so busy that you do have no time to appreciate this art, but I also know that you have been to cinema many times this month.

Well, I do not mean to blame anyone. I mean now you’ve got a chance to enjoy a theater written by Shakespeare―A Midsummer Night’s Dream! You like this drama, don’t you? This theater will paly by Christina Ricci who will have the role of Hermia. And this wonderful performances will have its debut on March 28.

However, it will be very disappointing if some unharmonious noises come from others cell phone when you are enjoy this classical drama. The good news is you have enough time to prepare for this unexpected incidents. You can take a cell phone jammer in advance, if you do not have one, what are you waiting for?

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Are You a Honesty Husband?

Today, Debra Messing and Daniel Zelman split up. The day before yesterday, Kobe Bryant and Vanessa breakup earlier. Those news shocked us once again and make us very heartrending. Because they are all our favorite celebrities, and we can see that their marriages were both not an easy way to go. They had shared sorrow and happiness as long as 10 years. So it is really a pity that they separated and could not be together finally. Their marriages be blessed in Heaven.

Hence, we need to see the real reason why they break up. The reason why Messing quited form her marriage there are still a number of guesses and I yet not sure. However, all of us are very clear about the reasons why Kobe Bryant split up with his wife. Kobe Bryant is always propagating that he is a real man. Not only for his player career but also in his family. He loves his wife and daughter. That’s the way he said in public. Even though, the sex scandals bombing us all the time he still insisted that he never done that and her kind wife was always be with him at his tough time. But the fact is that he is a liar, totally a lier. Just like another player Tiger Woods. In conclusion, you can see that no one ruined their marriages but themselves. It is really a pity.

So, have you ever doubted your husband? Have you found that he always texts skulking via his cell phone? You do really need a cellphone jammer to protect your marriage or your husband, and talk to him with any interferences!

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A Sense of Safety

In this world, the more science and technology developed, the more fears we have. Our world, now, seems filled with insecurity factors. Natural and man-made calamities are everywhere and everyday. Just like a series of Final Destination has shown for any reasons that even out of explicable or exceedingly strange. Well, every time after we have watched this film, nothing we would felt but unsafety.

And now, with the advanced technology, our life is more dangerous then ever. Your privacy can easily be detected by cameras or bugs. And your business conversation can be leaked by the monitor of your cellphone. And Internet may be the most dangerous item in your life. If your computer hacked by some hackers one day may be you just like nothing but a naked one in your life and becomes a joke among your neighbors.

I do not no what gadgets can help you. However, I bought some cell phone jammers, Wi-Fi jammers and GPS jammers for myself and my family as well as my friends. I am not sure whether they could have an influence on my life or not, but at least, they make me feel much better and I do really have a good sense of safety now. If you are interesting in it, you can have a try!

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Apple’s Problem,Now

The fact we have to admit is that just like the flooding of rivers, our human can not stop the momentum unleashed by Apple years ago. The new products Apple launched it would be immediately out of stock. It was the same with its newest iPhone 4S. While people was immersing in this joy, the bad news came this morning. Apple says iOS 5 causes battery problems, fix promised.

Apple confirmed that :”A small number of customers have reported lower than expected battery life on iOS 5 devices… We have found a few bugs that are affecting battery life and we will release a software update to address those in a few weeks.” In recent weeks, some users complained about the battery life on iPhone 4S. Apple realized this and investigated the cause as soon as possible. Apple did not tell the customers what measures to take before software upgrading. However, some Apple products forums offered the solution, it may solve this problem. Otherwise, some users found that restrict the notification, turn off automatically adjust time zone would help to solve the problem.

Although with the battery life problem. iPhone 4S is still the best seller, Sprint and A&T were both breaking the record.

Well, it is absolutely charming to own such a cell phone, and you and the people around you must own one. Thus, as a boss, if you want to let your employee concentrate on their works, the iPhone 4S jammer will be your man Friday.

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All about cell phone jammers

The brief introduction of the principle communication of mobile:
The operating principal of cell phone as follows:in a certain frequency range,cell phone and base station are connected by radio wave , through a definite Baud rate and modulation ways to accomplish the transmission of the data and voice.

The brief introduction of cell phone jammer:
Aiming at the above principles communication , our cell phone jammer will in a fixed speed from low side frequency to high-end frequency through the channel in the working process. This scanning speed can make messy code distribution during the cell phone receiving the messages , and cell phone could not detect the regular data from the base station, in this way , the cell phone could not make connection with the base station. And your cell phone will be in a way of seeking network ,no signal and no service system,etc phenomenon.

Mainly applying in examination halls , prisons , courts, meeting places ,,libraries , theaters, churches, gas stations ,oil depots , vapour stations and hospitals, etc, where needed confidence, tranquility, antiriot as well as non-distribution.

Only shielding the cell phone signals, and making no troubles of other electronic equipment.
Only shielding the cell phone signals inside of the examination hall , no distribution of the outside not mentioned the base station.

Only shielding the downgoing frequency, and no affection of the upgoing frequency.
Environmental protection, electricity and magnetic field intensity are far below the national
standard , and no impaction on the human body.

Simplicity of operation ,properly installed antenna, power supply can be run automatically.
Industrial grade power supply, stainless steel body heat of the whole and can work under long hours.

Gradual start circuit design can effectively avoid the flint phenomenon appears when starting up.

Selection of Hitachi high-performance integrated circuits, 902M VCO and paster components, adoption of imported automatic chip mounter and counterflow welding machine processing, assembly line production, quality,and performance are stable, not more than 2% repair rate.

Qualifications are all passed the authentication of Testing Center For Quality of Security & Police Electronic Product under The Ministry of Public security of R.P.China, and the strict detection by Office of Environment and Health of Related Product, Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Safety, measured value of electromagnetic field intensity in every sampling point is far below the prescribed limits of Regulations for electromagnetic radiation protection(GB8702-88) .

The range of effective shielding: 30-50 meters (200 meters outside the base station )

The range of Transmitting frequency :
(1)869 ― 894 MHz
(2)925 ― 960 MHz
(3)1780 ― 1920 MHz
(4)2010 ― 2145 MHz

Shielding frequency range:CDMA800、GSM900、SCDMA1800、DCS1800、 PHS1900、TD-SCDMA(China Mobile 3G), CDMA2000(China Telecom 3G) ,WCDMA(China Unicom 3G)
Transmitting power : 30±3dbm
Hot-sawp time :3″
Completing shielding time:30″
Ambient temperature::-25 ― +60°C
Relative humidity: 35-85%
Power adapter: Imputing AC100-240V 50/60Hz
Body size : 250mm*145mm*55mm
Net weight:1.5KG

1.Selecting the area where needed cut off the cell phone signal and place in the disjunctor one desks or wall in this area.
2. After installation is completed, get through the disjunctor power ,and turn on power switch.
3. Woking can be started when pressing the power switch disjunctor after device is connected.At this moment,all opened cell phones will be in a state of searching for a network and lose the signal of the base station. The calling/called are neither be connected

Why when jammers working the shielding range will be differed from the instruction?

R: The range and site of the jammer are strongly related with the electromagnetic and the distance of the communication base station. Generally speaking 200meters are the best. Manufactures usually tested in general situation, that’s why there will be a little difference.

Is there any radiation of the cell phone jammer ? And is it harmful to human body?

R: Concerning to radiation, any electronic products will have. Every electrical equipment has radiation. Just like our cell phone we used , radiation is hard to avoid because we place cell phone behind our ears. And there is a national standard of cell phone radiation. However, the generated radiation of our cell phone jammer is far below the national standard , and we don’t need to place it behind our ears every day, therefor , there is hardly damage to our body.

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Halloween’s new trick

Hey, my dear friends, Halloween is aroud the corner, you must be too impatient to wait engaging in this carnival time. But have you got any ideal to play tricks on anyone? Your answer must be :”Nonsense.”

Oh.dear, are you sure you really got the true essence of my question? Don’t be puzzle, I will help you. If you want to be totally different from others you have to think of an ideal that is extraordinary from other’s!

As time goes by, the meaning of Halloween gradually changes to somewhat of gala like the April Fool’s Day. Consequently, now the symbols of Halloween’s monster and drawings are all changed into lovable as well as eccentric and funny, such as Jack-o-lantern and witch,etc.

Especially the Americans who loves to exhibit their creatives, on this day they will try their best to make themselves be a real ghost. All these changes make the festival more interesting.

However, you find out that all these are out of fashion, you wanna make a big difference. Here comes the opportunity!With our Wi-Fi jammer you can do it !

Our jammer can shield all the Wi-Fi signals around you. You can gally them as long as you like, if they can not distinguish your trick! But please keep in mind, do not overdo things!

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Cell Phone Jammer Applying On Examination

With the development of the network technology and as a means of communication the popularization of cell phone makes it the new favourite among middle school student.Over several years, so long as you put a little attention it is easy for you to see that some students speak with fervour and assurance with cell phones. And it is no longer a fresh news that hearing the ringing of cell phone in the class. The severer situation is that students using the Sms Blasts to send out answers instantly, imagine the mischief.Therefore, besides ideologically educating students realize the harm of cheating in examinations we need to completely eradicate from the technology.

The examination room with the cell phone jammer should meet the following characteristics:

1.Easy installation and carry in, when testing the supervisor take it in to the examination room, you can use while you plug in; taking away while the exam is over;

2.Can shield all kinds of cell phone signals, and you can not call and receive and dispatch messages as well as surf the internet. That means you need to shield the following frequence range: CDMA/GSM/DCS/PHS/TD-SCDMA/WCDMA/CDMA2000; the valid shielding distance must come up to 20 meters;

3.Reasonable price, time limit for quality is three or above three years. School uses jammer only when examination, please put it back to storeroom while finish using.

4.For the best heat dissipation and keep the stable of property, you should use the mental shell.

5. Should obtain the certifications of ISO900 and CCC the certificate of the CNITSEC.

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Have Fun In A Bar? Better With A Jammer

When the first time the title catches your sight you will definitely jump out and question me:”how darer you to say so? I go there just for relaxing and have a nice time, why should I bring a jammer which will affect my feelings? What a bad idea you advise!” Please take your time, and listen to me carefully.

Well, I am really not a stiff or stereotyped one, on the contrary, I am the one with Petty Bourgeoisie Sentiment and like romance as well as enjoy life. Sometimes, I will go to a bar for relaxing and looking for something that is different. But it may be never occur to you that you are monitored by someone! You must feel I am talking something that out of the fact. No, this is not just alarmist talk! It is the truth. Because about the Fourth Amendment privacy violation cases arguing is still on its way. And you only find out that some bars really use the camera or other devices to monitor you. And even the police also use GPS trackers to do the same thing! The essential thing: “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized” has already lose its power, and we are no longer free!

You just wondering why the police or other places can attach this device to detect our privacy? It is unfair and illegal! But now, we seems nothing can do but wait. Therefore, before the amendment come into being we need to take some measures, and buy a jammer will be the best choice. The GPS jammers can disable the GPS tracker and the cell phone jammer can block the signals from all mobile phone! It is really a ideal item.

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The School’s trouble

With the improvement of our living standards, middle school students are generally own cell phones or other electronics. This situation made a big trouble of school management. Students stay up at night, using their cell phones text messages, surf the internet,etc. By day, yawns cross over all the class, students bends over to sleep. In order to manege this phenomena, some school install numbers of cell phone jammer to shield the cell phone signals. The problem is students were all behavior better but the neighbors near the school were not agreed, they called the mobile-phone operators in succession.

The neighbors near the school were very depressed, upon arrival evening, their cell phone not had no signals but the signal was fairly bad and a lot of noise while making a phone call. Not until they complaint to mobile-phone operators they understood it was all because the cell phone jammer the school installed. The principal said, at beginning they just wanted to block the mobile phone signal just like the government authority meeting. And when they were installing, they conducted the test, and never expected that it would make such a trouble for the neighbors. He indicated that they have already turned off the jammer, and apologized to the residents of the surrounding.

In fact, the school has its difficulties ,too. The enrollment was not well, so they only can rely on strengthen management and built school spirit. But the present students are very hard to manage. Just taking the use of mobile phones into consideration, parents would like to buy a cell phone for kids to keep in touch for convenience. But uses cell phone in school causes many problems such as fall asleep in class, inattention,etc. Previously,the only way school taken was to confiscate their mobile phones. Whereas, student did not care much about a cell phone which was RMB several thousands. They would quickly buy another one to use .So this was just address symptoms but not root causes. The school had no ways so that they thought of this jammer.

Operators communication frequence range is allocated by nation, Any unauthorized occupation, interference, violation the use of the band are not in conformity with the provision. During the college entranced examination, the school is permitted to use this cell phone jammer. Government bodies usually use jammer when they have a meeting in a meeting room. It is small power and no affection for the nearby. You need go to Radio Management Committee for registration if you want to shield signal, after get the permission you can use it. Otherwise you will break the radio regulations. Then, can we only block the targeted persons but not affect the residents around? Can it be true from the point of technology?

Through operators to obtain this purpose is impracticable and certainly have an effect on the neighbors. If we lock the students cell phone number from the backstage, in some certain occasions students cell phones will be on the stopped status. This sound like a good ideal, the problem is that is it hard to accredit. Students do not out of credit, if there is no authorization, the operators have no right to do so. The good news is one technology maybe relatively effective, that is scanning the numbers to find out which students are using their cell phone and to do point management. However, this technique is not open for public, it is mainly used for public security department. Therefore, it is very difficult to shield the cell phone signal from the technology aspect. And this is maybe the problem that other schools confronted. How to deal with it, we probably need more mature and reasonable programme.

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Overheard, It Depends on You If with a Jammer

Have you ever seen the movie called Overheard which was a star-studded cast performed by ChingWan Lau, Louis Koo, Daniel Wu, Jingchu Zhang and Alex Fong and so forth. If you have never seen this film, well I have to say:”You are out of fashion, totally!” The movie Overheard its success not only depended on its real cliffhanger but also relied on its most significant feature was to let every audience into a sense of both.

Now, you must suspect my exaggerate words, it is fine, because I will convince you with the most convincing evidence. The starting poster was very attractive and its blooding degree even can match with the Saw, the horror movie. In fact, there was none business of the story of the play, this was just a metaphor, the graphic designer Frank Chan was only want to describe the darkness and cruel in the inner of human nature. No doubt, they got what they wants. The box office of the film broken into 30 million in only three days! And the total box office was over 110 million!

In this movie, they were tightly connected by an occasional overheard, and the story developed with this clues.

May be there is no overheard there is no crime! Therefore, this film is also a warning for us. So if you want to protect your business privacy you should do something. And the best and reasonable way is to buy a jammer. Our mobile phone jammer will be your man Friday and you need not worry anyone will monitor your callings!