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The New Equipment of U.S. Army

Have you ever seen the movie Star Wars? Addition to the cliff-hanging plot and brilliant spectacle, the equipments of those characters are very impressive in the same way!

And now, all things in the movie will be turn into truth! Unbelievable? Let’s see!

It is reported that on 8th, January 2012, the U.S. Force army had released its own high technology masterpiece―Car of Recruiting. The military wanna to show the images of their U.S. Army to the United States citizens in a variety of high-tech means. Among them, one of the most amazing equipment is the new―style armor of one-man operation. And this was the first time that it been exposed. What’s more, the armor of our soldier is exactly the same as the clone man’s one in the Star Wars.

And mentioned as high-tech devices, jamming devices are necessary for military application. And may be this time, the U.S. Army has installed some new jammers for their own.

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Couch Potato or Mouse Potato

If you are quite familiar with the phrase couch potato, you must can understand what is a mouse potato.

Well, you guess it! A mouse potato is one person who loves computer very much surf the internet all the time. Your work , entertainment can not live without it, you are really computer nerd. May be you are the one who used to be a couch potato and now change to a mouse potato. It is normal, not strange. Because our life is impressively altered by science and technology. A new life style, a totally new lifestyle as ever before.

With the popularize of computer and the rapid development of internet, young people sit in front of the screen to work and play games. The main group of mouse potato are high income ranks and students. We have to say that the appearance of couch potato was the mark of TV hegemony and now, the emerging of mouse potato marks the network hegemony.

As a ‘potato’, you are very happy. Cause you can have a relax of yourself. However, as you can see, this is not a good situation for young people especially for those students. Because lack of exercises has no good fro you healthy. And take a part in outdoor activities is the best choice. If your kid don’t listen to you and still indulge in the cyber world, you can use a Wi-Fi jammer to help them get rid of this bad habit.