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Cellphone Magnates Come to Crisis of Confidence

The main reason that trapped these cellphone magnates in this crisis of confidence is not because the quality or sales of their smartphones, but a mobile phone software named Carrier IQ.

What is Carrier IQ? You may have never heard of this item,and even got no idea what it is doing for us. But this software is very popular and has created a big stir all around the world. You must be very interested in Carrier IQ now.

Actually, it is not a software application service but is suspected as a spying software which will steal the user’s privacy. Carrier IQ can record not only your text content but every movement that you do on your smartphone. And they will be transmitted to operators at the same time. The American telecom operators such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and HTC as well as Sangsung, etc have confirmed their cellphones are equipped with this software.

No denying, our science and technology is becoming more prosperous, however, our private space is becoming narrower. The original intention of mobile phone is to provide convenient life for people but now it has became the most convenient gadget to steal the people’s privacy. This is somewhat unexpected. Science is a double-edged sword, we need to use it in a right way. Just like our jamming devices, if we use it in right places it will do us a big favor, but, if we use it for illegal thing it will just be nothing but a complice. 

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How to Shield iPhone 5 and iPad 3

The bell sounding of the New Year 2012 will be rung soon. While we are waiting for the next year, we always will make a wish about the New Year and this year is not an exception. Among all our wishes, may be the release of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will be the most one to expect to!

As the most attractive products in the New Year, beyond question, a great deal of people will flock into them. Especially for those fans of Apple and Jobs as well as new technology. They will definitely not miss this chance.

iPhone 5 and iPad 3 are the high-end, high-capacity and high-speed products. Therefore, they applied the most advanced technology 4G not 3G. So that they can operate very well all the time. And you never need to worry about the signal or other problems about them, it was happy, it was depression.

As for so many people will buy them and use it everywhere, no doubt, this will disturb your pace and quiet life. Thus you will take it into consideration as how to shield the signals of those devices. Good news, a 4G jammer can be your right hand! It can halt all the transmission of 4G signals!

Thanks to the development of jamming industries! 

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Thief, Get Away

All inventions in our world are used to help our humans beings to improve our life and make it better. The original intention is always good. But it seems that many things in our lives go by contraries. For example, Nobel, a chemist and inventor who invented explosive material. His wish was that this invention could be used in industrial production and engineering construction to create a better life but disaster. The result we are quite clear that explosive was used in war and because of it the first world war was so devastating and beyond imagination. And also the plastic bags. At first, we were very happy, cause this light and potable bags were very useful in our life. However, with the environment problem is becoming worse and worse, this bag was labeled as the worst invention in the 20th century. And many examples are numberless.

And we have to mention our jamming products. We sincerely promise that all the products we offer for you are all embedded with our painstaking care and efforts. This is only because we would like to provide you satisfactory service and the products you need. Therefore, all our jamming devices are designed for you to do you a big favor nor any inconvenience. However, someone who have an ax to grind and with ulterior motivates will make use of our products to do some bad things, and definitely, this is not we would like see and out of our control. The thief will make use of a GPS jammer to steal your car, or use a cellphone jammer to steal your smartphone. And I just wanna say thief, get away! 

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Are You Have Road Rage

My dear friends, are you a road rage? If you are, you are a road killer. And how to tell whether you have a road rage or not? Well, the following are the common manifestations :

Generally aggressive driving includes sudden acceleration, braking, and close tailgating. Driving sentiment is usually out of control, especially when you come across traffic jam on your way or scrape. And what’s more, you are easily to quarrel with others while driving. Last, your behaviors just like two different persons when driving and not. Somewhat, you look like a person of perversity.

Actually, in this automobile age, road rage is a common problem all around the world. Therefore, if you feel that you are the one like this you should be careful and take actions to prevent it. Because once an accident happens, it will be too late to do so. Relaxing is the best way to help you get rid of this freak behavior. And if you are worry that you can completely calm down cause you are worry about the noises from others cellphones you can take a cell phone jammer with yourself. And thus you can enjoy this quiet time and relax yourself totally. And open the window to let the fresh air in is also a good tip for you. Now, you can take your good mood and drive home peacefully and safely. Bon voyage!

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Word of Mouse

The first sight when you see this tittle, there must be a thought in your mind : ‘The author is a idiot, this should not be a word of mouse but it should be word of mouth!’ Sorry, I do not agree with your opinion. I am right! Let’s see.

According to Wikipedia word of mouse is the passing of information from person to person by oral communication. So, everyone is quite sure that not only for a person but also for a enterprise especially for the big business. However, with times flying, internet has intruded into every corner of our life, word of mouse, now has the same status with word of mouth. The power of netizens can not be ignored! Actually, it is not difficult to understand this new phrase. Just like the word of mouth, word of mouse is the passing of information from network to network by clicking your mouse. And no doubts, more and more enterprises are participating in this competition. Our company is the same. We are committed to dedicate to the first-class service, first-class quality, first-class products and advanced technology for all users forever and we using all kinds of innovative techniques to get our messages out to consumers and we do rely on word of mouse to promote goods reputations!

We hope through this way, you can know more about the products that you really concern and our principle! And we do really wish you enjoy your shopping with us!

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Are You a Stress Pappy

Born in this society and times, we have to admit that when we enjoy many benefits that our technology bring for us at the same time, we also suffer many pressures. The world is fair, when you gain something, you must loss something. So when we get so many advantages of our era, we have to burden the stress. Because technology, on the one hand, brings us lots of convenience and bring the rapid pace of work and life, so that we have to undertake all these.

In today’s fast-paced environment, are you a stress pappy or the opposite? Well, many people may be not very familiar with stress pappy, it refers to a person who thrives on stress, yet complains about it constantly. They are always in a hurry, never have time, have anger explosions for the slightest provocation and are, frankly, just miserable people to live with.

So, it is very important for them to release themselves. They should calm down, and find a place that is quiet to relax. And if there is any entirely inappropriate interferences from your mobile phone, you should take a mobile phone jammer within yourself, thus you can devote yourself to this golden times.

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Person, Car, Life

Beyond no question, the manufacturers of automobile are very wise, they know the way around consumers and understand something about human nature and how human nature interacts with their businesses. Sometimes, they are not only merchants but also psychologist! It is somewhat a little terrible.

One of the automobile manufacturers according the human nature’s desire promote a series of cars with a colorful and vivid as well as attractive ads to draw the public eyes. In their ad, they put people first, you can see people in their lives are all enjoy themselves very much, the smiling faces and happy come from within, everyone will be moved! And then, you can see you drive your car carefree and enjoy your life very much. The ad portray a picture of our dreaming life, only as you possess this car your life will have a whole life! An entire life!

However, it is very awesome to drive your car and experience life. If your boss or anyone or any secret institution via GPS to trace you routine in order to monitor your movement, what would you think of?

May be you will in a low spirits and not happy at all. Fortunately, when our technology produce GPS for us and at the same time GPS jammer! If you so really to enjoy person, car, life, you deserve one!

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Nice House, Nice Life

The Former World Champion in 2008, Guo Jinjin will finish her main affair of her life this year. She will marry with Kenneth Fok, the grandson of Henry Fok, a patriotic democratic personages. Guo Jinjin and Kenneth Fok’s marriage will be hold on October. As it is reported on 5th January. Kenneth Fok’s proposals for this Olympic champion has done for many times and after going through so many difficulties they ‘Jack shall have Jill all shall be well;Jack shall have Jill, all shall be well’ . The as long as 7 years relationship has finally drawn a sentence of this proposal. And in recently, their luxury property house has been exposed by the media. This is really a very splendid and huge house. And it can be compared with a castle. If you take a look of it, you will be shocked, I bet.

Living in such a beautiful house it is really the happiest thing in one’s life. However, as a public person, it is sometimes inevitable to be photographed by the Paparazzi. At that time, your house is no longer to be a warm and sweet place but a annoying place. So that a wireless bug camera jammer is very useful for you if you want to keep the harmonious atmosphere in your home!

You do really deserve one, because better house, better life!

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Couch Commerce

Online purchases is an overwhelming trend and shift in today’s world. If you never been to purchase anything through the internet, I would just to say that you are totally out of date. Because even as out of date as me, I had bought something via cyber. As you can see. How popular is online shopping? It is beyond your imagination.

And with the development of technology, we don’t need to sit on the chair to click the mouse, now, with our smartphone and tablet, we just need to lie on your couch and then buy what you want. So that another ‘couch commerce’ is emerging on our society. What’s about couch commerce? Well, it refers to that people use their tablet PC and smartphone to purchase items they like. No denying, shopping like this is very convenient and comfortable. You don’t need to go out and save lots of your time. On the other hand, ‘couch commerce’ is not good for your health and will cultivate other disease in your body. And network security is not that well, your account may be easily snatch by hackers or other institution or lawbreaker.

If take this into consideration, may be it is better to go out for shopping just as an excise. Or if you don’t like this, you can use a 3G jammer or Wi-Fi jammer to prevent this potential dangerous.

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Poor Messages

Beyond the question, in this New Year, you must have received lots of beatific texts from your friends, relatives, your consumers, your partners even someone you have just saw one or two times and even strangers.

Why they send you messages? One reason is that you are familiar with each other. However, this is not the point. In my opinion, the most important reason is that technology. With the advance of technology, text a message is not that hard and what’s more, it spends very less, you can afford it. What’s more, now, most messages are create by some professional operators and you can send one message to all the others in the same time through Bulk SMS. It is so convenient and very useful, only in this way you can keep contact with all your friends.

However, have you ever thought that the message is not text by yourself and your friend has already received numberless texts which is just the same as yours! Now, many many people are upset about this Bulk SMS! So, when you first read this message you will smile but when the same message is send to you 1,000 times, you must feel crazy!

If you want to avoid this phenomenon may just a cell phone jammer will be your man Friday! Do not believe me? Why not have a try?