Mini GPS jammer for Car

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This device does not interfere with a mobile phone.
This device does not affect navigation devices installed in other cars. It only works on those GPS antenna inside of the car!



Please note:

This jammer blocker fits for small vehicle only, large vehicle such as truck is not recommended.
Please plug the jammer blocker into car’s lighter socket after engine’s started.

Technical Specifications:

Jamming Object: GPS L1 tracker, GPS navigator, GPS L1 logger
Frequency: 1500-1600MHz
Typical Coverage: 2 to 5 meters
Output Power: 21 dbm / 128mW
Power Source: 12V-24V
Working Current: 100mA
Dimensions 80 x 21 x 21 mm
Operating Temp 0 ~ 50 degrees
Humidity 5% ~ 80%
Battery: N/A


1*Mini GPS jammer for Car
1*Anti-surge cartridge Fuses

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg

4 reviews for Mini GPS jammer for Car

  1. Abby

    nice little gadget. i used it inside my car for blocking a gps tracker. i have been fed up with it since it expose my locations on real time basis. now i am happy.

  2. Ericka

    Cute little tool, meets my demands for blocking the gps signal.

  3. Michel

    good! Not eye-catching, functions normally and worth the money.

  4. Maciej

    Such a little gadget as it is, it does work and fulfills its function. thanks a lot!

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